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 Seed Technology
Seed Technology

The Seed Science Program at NCSU is composed of a multi-disciplinary research and extension staff engaged in seed biology and seed bank ecology research for crop and weed species economically important to growers in the Mid-Atlantic states. Research projects are designed to increase our understanding of weed seed behavior, including seed movement, germination requirements, dormancy, and longevity in native and cultivated environments. Research will provide much needed information to assist faculty and industry in developing management strategies suited to the introduction and continued use of herbicide tolerant crops and new herbicide chemistry.

Research on seed production and stand establishment of cotton, corn, peanuts, soybean, small grains, and tobacco is central to the Seed Extension Program. Projects include evaluation of the impact of genetic engineering on subsequent seed quality, improvement of seed quality through better production practices, and enhancing seedling survival through the use of seed enhancements and seedbed preparation.

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