Department of Crop Science
Dr. Ron Heiniger

Professor of Crop Science and Cropping Systems Specialist

Vernon G. James Research & Extension Center
207 Research Station Road
Plymouth, NC 27962

Phone: 252.793.4428
Fax: 252.793.5142

Vernon G. James Research and Extension Center
Dr. Heiniger's Homepage

Dr. Ron Heiniger
Dr. Ron Heiniger

Dr. Ronnie W. Heiniger recieved a P.h.D. in Crop Ecology and Simulation Modeling from Kansas State University in 1994. He has received the Gerald O. Mott Meritorious Research Award from the Crop Science Society of America for modeling grain fill in sorghum. Dr. Heiniger's applied research programs in the areas of precision agriculture and remote sensing at North Carolina State University have received national recognition. In addition to his research work, Dr. Heiniger is the Corn Extension Specialist for North Carolina.

Dr. Heiniger is located at the Vernon G. James Research and Extension Center, a modern research facility in eastern North Carolina. This facility in the agricultural center of North Carolina provides easy access to laboratory, greenhouse, and field space. More information can be found at Dr. Heiniger's Vernon James Center Homepage.

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