Department of Crop Science
Dr. Shyamalrau Tallury

Research Assistant Professor of Crop Science

Greenhouse Unit 3
214 Method Road
Campus Box 7629
Raleigh, NC 27695-7629

Office: Greenhouse Unit 3
Phone: 919.515.3809
Fax: 919.515.5657

Curriculum Vitae

Shyamalrau Tallury
Dr. Shyamalrau Tallury

Dr. Tallury has a 100% research appointment in the Crop Science Department. His research involves the use of wild Arachis species for peanut improvement. The main focus of his research is to transfer disease resistant genes found in the wild species into peanut cultivars. He employs interspecific hybridization, ploidy level manipulations and molecular markers techniques to achieve this goal.

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