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Buyers of North Carolina Organic Grains

Below is a list of buyers that have expressed interest in buying North Carolina organic grain. This is not a comprehensive list of all organic grain buyers and there may be other companies that will buy NC organic grain that are not on this list. See Marketing Web Resources for links to other organic grain buyers in the country.

Note: Contact multiple companies when selling your grain to find the best prices (after freight costs). Don't be afraid to contact the larger and out-of-state buyers!

List compiled by Molly Hamilton, Extension Assistant, NCSU.

North Carolina

Braswell Milling, Nashville, NC
Contact: Russ Powell or Jackie Bunch, 252-459-2143
Buys organic #2 corn and soybean meal. Paid on delivered basis.

Lindley Mills, Graham, NC
Contact: Joe Lindley, 336-376-6190
Buys organic soft and hard red wheat for milling purposes, some rye and corn.

Organic Valley
Contact: George Teague (organic dairy farmer), 336-684-4883
Buys organic corn, small grains for organic dairy farms in North Carolina.

R. W. Garcia, Lincolnton, NC
Contact: Greg, 828-428-0115 (email:
Buys non-GMO and organic yellow, white, and blue corn for processing for tortilla chips.

Great Eastern Sun, Asheville, NC  
Contact:  Jan Paige (
Buys organic soybeans.    

Smiling Hara Tempeh, Asheville, NC
Contact:  Chad Oliphant (
Buys organic soybeans and other beans (small scale).

South Carolina

Anson Mills, Columbia, SC
Contact: Glenn Roberts (, 803-467-4122
Buys heirloom, open-pollinated varieties of corn, wheat, and rice from stocked seed. Call for more details on their program for growing for seed or production.

Emile DeFelice, CawCaw Creek Pastured Pork, St. Matthews, SC
Contact: Emile DeFelice, 803-917-0794
Buys organic corn, soybeans and small grains for private hog production operation.


Countryside Organics, Waynsboro, VA
Contact: Kevin Fletcher (, 888-699-7088
Organic Corn, Oats, Wheat (high protein), Barley, Spelt, Field Peas for Certified Organic, Soy-Free Livestock Feeds. Payment when delivered.


Kreamer Feed and Nature’s Best, Kreamer, PA
Contact: Lois Gehers (, 570-374-8148
Buys organic corn, roasted soybeans, wheat, barley, and oats. Pays on delivered basis.

McGeary Grain, Inc., Lancaster, PA, 800-624-3279
Buys organic corn, soybeans, oats and barley primarily for livestock feed. Can arrange freight from NC.

Organic Unlimited, Inc., Atglen, PA
Buys organic corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, oats, flax, and milo.

New York

Lakeview Organic Grain, Penn Yan, NY
Contact: Klass and Mary-Howell Martens, 315-531-1038
Buys organic corn, soybeans, soybean meal, field peas, barley, oats, wheat, sunflower meal, and triticale for livestock feed. Pays on clean, dry, delivered basis.

Birkett Mills , Penn Yan, NY
Contact: 315-536-3311
Buys organic buckwheat on contract basis.

Soy Natural, Inc, New York, NY
Empire State Building
350 Fifth Ave, Suite 3122
New York, NY 10118
Contact: Chris Gratto
Telephone: 315-323-7900
Fax: 530-323-7906
Buys feed grade organic soybeans.

Other States

Sunrich, a SunOpta Company, Hope, MN
Contact: Rhonda Roggenbuck (
Telephone: 800-342-6976 or 810-672-9001(MI office)
Buys non-gmo/ip soybeans, waxy corn, non-gmo corn, organic soybeans, organic corn, organic barley, organic millet, organic sunflowers, organic feed grade products.

Clarkson Grain, Cerro Gordo, IL
Contact: 800-252-1638 (Email:
Buys organic grains.

American Health and Nutrition, Ann Arbor, MI
Contact: 734-677-5570 (Email:
Broker of organic grains.

Bushman Organic Marketing Corp., Decorah, Iowa
Contact: Duane Bushman, 563-382-4480
Buys organic sunflower seed and soybeans (oilseed).

Scoular Company, Omaha, NE
Web Site:
Phone Number:  (800) 488-3500
Contact:   Adam Masche

Buys organic grain crops

West Plains Company, Omaha, NE 
Specialty Grains Division
Contact: Mike Pratt and Erin Berryman
Telephone: 877-558-0797 / Fax  402-829-5170
Buys organic soybeans, organic corn, organic barley, organic spelt, organic millet, organic wheat, organic oats, organic rye, organic triticale, organic feed grade products, and organic edible beans.
Also, Non-GMO / IP soybeans and Non-GMO corn.







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