Crop Science and Soil Science have merged into one department

  • Crop Biotechnology Concentration Crop Biotechnology Concentration Crop Biotechnology tools allows scientists to improve agronomic crop pest resistance, drought tolerance, yield and nutritional quality. In addition, new research is directed toward producing critical pharmaceutical compounds in agronomic crops. Hands-on classes allow students to learn the latest techniques used to map plant genomes and genetically enhance food, feed, fiber, fuel and pharmaceutical crop plants. Plus, students get an understanding of how the crops developed and improved through biotechnology react and interact within a farm production environment.
  • Turfgrass Science Turfgrass Science Our Bachelor of Science in Turfgrass Science degree has been voted #1 in the US by TurfNet Magazine. Why? Because we have the best turfgrass scientists and extension specialists teaching our classes; because we have a state of the art teaching field lab for hands-on learning; because our program has classes that cover the basics of environmentally sound turfgrass management. Our graduates find great careers in golf course and athletic field management, home and industrial lawn businesses, sod production, recreational park turf management, agri-business management and agri-business sales.
  • Agroecology Concentration Agroecology Concentration Agroecology is the study of the ecological, environmental, economic and social interactions of agricultural production systems. In this program students learn about the latest practices and research innovations in sustainable agriculture locally and internationally through classroom studies, hands-on experiences, and field trips. This is a multi-disciplinary concentration that will prepare students for a diversity of employment opportunities.
  • Crop Production Concentration Crop Production Concentration This is a degree program that prepares students for careers in farm management, crop advising, and technology development. Production of food, feed, fiber and fuel crops is big business and requires a thorough understanding of how plants grow, how the environment impacts crop productivity and production options, and how management and marketing decisions affect farm profits. This concentration is a science-based curriculum that allows students to choose from a wide range of plant science courses and career path electives.
  • Agronomic Science Concentration Agronomic Science Concentration This program is designed for students who wish to establish professional careers in crop science or crop production research. It is a concentration that will be especially beneficial for students who wish to pursue advanced degrees in agronomy, plant breeding, genetics, plant physiology, or crop physiology. Our graduates continue their education and become scientists who improve the production and quality of food, feed, fiber, and fuel crops.
  • Agronomic Business Concentration Agronomic Business Concentration The Agronomic Business concentration prepares students for careers in marketing, management, sales, and/or other economic segments of agribusiness. A sound business background coupled with knowledge of production agriculture make graduates in this program uniquely qualified for agri-business careers.