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Two new courses, Introduction to Agroecology (CS 230) and Advanced Agroecology Course and Laboratory (CS 430), were developed specifically for this Agroecology Minor Program.

Introduction to Agroecology (CS 230) - This 3 credit course establishes the foundation for the Agroecology minor. This course will introduce students to ecological concepts applied to agricultural systems and to sustainable agricultural production. Using a multi-disciplinary approach with lectures, student led discussions, and field trips, this course will enable students to analyze the environmental, social, and economic interconnections within various types of agricultural systems locally and globally. This course fulfills the Natural Sciences and Science, Society, and Technology General Education Requirements (GER). *This course is also taught online*

Advanced Agroecology (CS 430) - This 4 credit lecture and laboratory course applies agro-ecological principles introduced in CS 230 to critically examine various agroecosystems for their ecological, economic, and social sustainability. Students will examine food, fiber, and other production systems for their productivity and sustainability and address the simultaneous need to protect natural environments and the biodiversity on which agroecosystems depend. Topics include discussion of national and international government policies, research programs, and education programs that influence the future application of agroecosystem principles.


Dr. Michelle Schroeder
Agroecology Minor Advisor
Williams Hall, Rm 2406
Crop Science Department, NC State University
Campus Box 7620
Raleigh, NC 27695-7620
Phone: 919-513-0085
Fax: 919-515-7959

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