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Department of Crop Science is a preeminent department focused on food production, sustainable agriculture, and healthy turfgrass for sports and recreation. We create knowledge in agriculture through science-based research to educate students, teach farmers and growers, and improve the quality of life for all citizens. Our science-based information provides solutions to global challenges such as doubling food production by the year 2050, increased sustainability of food crops, climate change impacts on food production, and high quality turfgrass for improved sports turf and recreation fields.

To meet these societal global challenges, we focus in areas such as plant breeding and genetics, crop physiology, crop production and management, sustainable food systems, weed science, and turfgrass science. Recent accomplishments include genetically selected crops and turfgrasses to withstand drought, better understanding of fiber production in cotton, management of herbicide resistant weeds in row crops, reduced nicotine levels in tobacco, production of organic grains, and locally grown food and sustainable food systems. Our scientists are working to feed, fuel, and clothe our world's growing population.

The Department of Crop Science offers two distinctly different undergraduate majors; a Bachelor of Science in Plant and Soil Science and a Bachelor of Science in Turfgrass Science. Each degree program provides a strong science-based foundation as well as technical and supporting courses related to each individual discipline. We provide scholarship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students, internships for real world experience, student clubs so students can network with other students, and research experiences in the lab and field.

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