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The Mycorrhiza lab is under the direction of Dr. Michelle Schroeder-Moreno in the Department of Crop Science and North Carolina State University.

The research we focus on is to understand the ecology, benefits and sustainable management of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in agroecosystems.

Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF) are ancient and ubiquitous, forming mutualistic associations with over 80% of plant species examined in the world. AMF can increase plant growth and survival through enhancing nutrient uptake, protecting plants against stresses from drought and pest damage and can improve soil quality through enhancing soil aggregation and biological interactions. AMF are critical belowground components in all agricultural systems and particularly in sustainable agriculture.

General themes we investigate in this lab are:

  • Understanding the various crop and agroecosystem benefits from AMF.
  • Examining integrated agricultural practices for enhanced AMF functioning, especially for sustainable strawberry production.
  • How large and small scale agricultural practices impact AMF community diversity.
  • How AMF interact with other important soil organisms, both beneficial and pathogenic organisms.

Selected Publications


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Dr. Schroeder-Moreno's Curriculum Vitae